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Would you like to take driving lessons in your area? Then register at the Dutch Driving Driving School. We find personal attention from the instructor to the student very important and attach great importance to creating a good relationship between the student and the instructor. That´s one of the reasons to start taking driving lessons at Dutch Driving. With a wide range of driving instructors throughout the Netherlands, it is possible to start quickly  with driving lessons in your area. Do you want to know if we also pick you up in your hometown? Check our contact page and click on the branch near you. Book a driving lesson package online with an attractive discount. Or book a trial lesson.

you are at least 16.5 years old and want to take driving lessons?

You are 16.5 years or older and you want to take driving lessons now? Then a super nice period will start for you! You will now wonder where do I start and how does it all work? Sign up now for our affordable driving lessons packages! Pick up from school, internship or work possible! Do you want lessons in between hours, or just after your school, internship or work? Or are you with a friend / grandfather / grandmother? We will also pick you up there for your driving lessons! Agree this with your driving instructor and take your lesson where and when it suits you best!

The Dutch driving team is composed in such a way that we only work with top instructors who have a high success rate, are experienced and patient. We also work with instruction cards and tablets to keep the course material as clear as possible and to keep it up to date. You will also receive login codes from our online platform to view everything. Of course also useful for parents who would like to see the developments of the learning process.

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Start your lesson in just 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Choose one of the options:
  • Step 2: After we have received your request, we will check which driving instructor is near you.
  • Step 3: Our instructor will receive your details and will contact you shortly to arrange your first driving lessons. sta

Would you like to take a trial lesson?

That is also possible! Sign up here. The price for a trial lesson is just € 40 (including vat). If you already know what you want, you can choose one of our  driving package (manual or automatic).

A driving lesson at Dutch Driving normally takes 50 minutes. Most students take two hours (100 minutes) in a row, so they can learn extra fast! At Dutch Driving you always drive in well-maintained cars and are manual or automatic. Your instructor has an instruction card so that your progress can be tracked. This allows you to work towards the practical exam or an interim test in a motivated manner. 


Before you can start with your exams, it’s obligatory for you to provide a health statement to the CBR. By doing this, we know you are good to go on the road. For this statement you need your Digid login credentials.

trial lesson?

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T: +31 85 130 3817

M: +31 6 524 76542

E: info@autorijschooldutchdriving.nl

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